An erected  'BIG TIMBER' house frame is made up with all the structural elements (coloured yellow) together with the roof stressed skin panels; these contain close cell insulation (150mm thick, moulded to 12.5 plasterboard).

In a timber frame building, there are no draughts, there are no mouldy corners, there is no damp penetration, there is no insect infestation and the timber frame requires zero maintenance.

If distance permits, we will install the foundations and construct the roof covering. In any event, we will normally set out the house frame dimensions onto the client's concrete foundation to ensure a good fit for our frame.

Closer to home we provide a complete design and build service with an item by item cost breakdown to enable self builders to make savings on those items of work that they can do themselves.

In nearly every instance, preliminary meetings are necessary to establish the planning proposal and the build budget. Our fees for the pre-contract service are reasonable and Clients are not tied to a building contract untill planning consent has been obtained.

Big Timber3D technical drawing of a timberframe house